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Biomechanic Approach

Biomechanically Efficient Approach

What is biomechanics and why is it so important to golf movement? Biomechanics is the study of human movement. Wouldn’t that be important for a golf instructor to know - how to assess your physical capabilities, limitations and develop a program that best suits you and keeps you injury free. With a foundation in a finite science we at GC360 know what the human body needs to do to produce tour quality performance for the amateur golfer.

Proven Methods

Proven Methods

At GC360 we teach based on the Olympic Method - fact based, objective, scientific information not opinions, theories or preferences. We have a very simple and clearly defined process that is systematic so we can easily track your progress no matter what level you are. Take a look at our 12-year 100% 5-Star reviews on Yelp and you’ll see you’re making the right choice in golf instruction.

Consistent Results

Consistent Results

Whether you’re a beginner or you’re pro, our BEST System produces incredibly consistent results through all skill levels. In fact, if you don’t improve to your satisfaction from your very first lesson, your session is FREE! That’s how much confidence we have in our program and instructors.

Our teaching philosophy




We train the mind first - your mind tells your body what to do and if your mind doesn’t know the right thing to tell the body, you won’t progress. Then we train the body - this is what most people think coaching is. We see it as bridging the “coordination gap” - the difference between what the mind knows and what the body does. Through neuromuscular patterns and drills, we can accelerate your progress beyond normal coaching. Finally, we train the game now that you can produce what is required on the course. At GC360 we teach with a progressive philosophy.

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Go see GC360 for yourself. They will help you, no stress, no mess. And FYI, if you're a senior golfer and think that age has robbed you of your power to hit the ball longer and straighter, you're in for an experience that will make you feel like a kid at Christmas.

Fundamentally sound. You can read all the golf articles and watch all the youtube videos you want, but they all do not provide the impactful concepts and structure GC360 provides. Things that may seems so simple will change the way you think about your swing. Before going to GC360, I was inconsistent with my impact, but now swinging more free, adding more distance, and most important making solid contact on the club face.

Golf is a great sport and can be a fun hobby with friends or loved ones. Just imagine how much fun you'll have after you go to GC360 because you're actually playing better than ever! I can go into every little detail with adding 20-30 yrds on my shot and increasing my ball speed by 15-20 mph but the real result that I was looking for was hitting the ball consistently where I want to hit it and I can say that with GC360 I've achieved that result. It's really simple, if you want to get better at golf, go to GC360!